"Hi, if you are going to have a vacation in Vietnam and you are planning a vacation. The vacation was not too long, about a week, then I would like to introduce you to a package tour quite interesting. In this week's program, you will discover most of Ho Chi Minh City's characteristics as well as the surrounding lands around Ho Chi Minh City. Discover the cultural and culinary delights, from Ho Chi Minh City to the countryside.
Besides the beauty of the natural scenery, in this tour, you will also understand more about history, land, and people, as well as the cultural beauty of Vietnamese people. In this package tour, you will see different aspects of Vietnam from bustling Ho Chi Minh City to remote rural areas, admiring the beautiful scenery in the new lands of Vietnam, from Ho Chi Minh to
Mui Ne and Da Lat. Ok, let's explore what this full-package program has to offer.
It will be more wonderful if you fly to Vietnam at Tan Son Nhat airport and after the tour, you will fly from Dalat city to other lands."



Day 1:  Pick up at the airport and discover the local cuisine.

The driver will bring the car to Tan Son Nhat airport and pick you up afterward, our delegation will move to the hotel in Ho Chi Minh City. Our guests will be rest, 05h30 pm then the tour guide will pick you up by motorbikes at the hotel and take you to dinner around Ho Chi Minh City.


Bo La Lot 


You will sit behind motorbikes, observing the people of Ho Chi Minh City after work and feeling the changes in the scenery and atmosphere of Ho Chi Minh City at night. Our team will continue to go to quite the special streets of the city and we will sit down together at a roadside restaurant and enjoy the delicious food here. And join in to see the bustling atmosphere with the locals here. After that, we continue to go on a motorbike and go through the small streets of Ho Chi Minh City to come to Ho Thi Ky flower market, the very famous flower street of the city. We continue to the next restaurant to try crab soup. We will sit by the side of the road on the same day watching the traffic and enjoying a hot dish of Vietnam.
Then we continue to go around the city and stop by a few spots along the way to enjoy desserts like grilled banana sticky rice and coconut cream ice cream. It's not over yet, so let's keep going and enjoy the interesting local specialties that are snake wine. It's strange isn't it, let's try it out. Then we continue on the bike and go to another part of Ho Chi Minh City, this place is also very special and beautiful, where you will not see many tourists.  Locals, often come here to chat, eat and watch.

Saigon river

We will sit next to the cool Saigon River and enjoy the shimmering views of the city at night.


Day 2: Transfer from Ho Chi Minh to Mui Ne and visit some places in Mui Ne.

The car serves our tour

The next day 08:00 am the driver and I will pick you up at the hotel then we head to Mui Ne.

The journey is about 230 kilometers long and we will go around 05 hours we will stop by the road for lunch then we will arrive at 02:00 pm.02.00 pm is also the time when the sky is getting cooler we will start walking around a well-known tourist spot.

Beach in Mui Ne

Here is Suoi Tien, what is more, wonderful if, in the hot weather in this arid Mui Ne land, we can soak our feet on cool streams and walk along the stream to feel relaxed Soothing and watching the scenery. After visiting Suoi Tien, we continue to go to another place in Mui Ne which is quite interesting which is the red sand dunes. The name may sound simple, but this is a pretty interesting place when we arrive, besides the beautiful beauty with the red sand dunes that look very similar to the deserts in Africa, Let's take lots of pictures together with our friends and family.
Have you ever seen a desert lying next to a beach? It reminds us of cowboy movies in America. then watch the sunset together as the fishermen here return to the marina after a day of fishing and harvesting the fresh fish. We stop here and take pictures of the sunset with the beautiful colorful boats.
And then we go back to the hotel.


Day 3: Transfer from Mui Ne to Dalat and discover Pongour waterfall.

Dalat city

The next day in the morning, the delegation headed to Da Lat city.

The distance is about 160 km, but we will not go straight to Dalat, we will stop to visit the famous attractions on the way from here to Dalat. We will go through very nice and beautiful roads, this landscape will remind you of the desert areas of Las Vegas in America.

Pongour waterfall

While we go to the top of the mountain, we will visit a roadside waterfall called Pongour. One of the largest waterfalls in southern Vietnam, with 4-DAY TOUR PACKAGE FROM  HO CHI MINH TO DALAT, you will not stop being surprised by the wonders of this waterfall, the water is clear and white, white foam from the top down. This waterfall is located deep in the forest, it is quite wild and not many tourists know, coming here you will hear both birds and insects chirping and chirping sounds of flowing water, It's quite peaceful, isn't it?

Dalat cable car

After visiting and having lunch at the waterfall. We will head to Dalat city on our way to Dalat city. We will stop at a small village to visit a small village to see how the local people grow mushrooms. Then we will stop by Tuyen Lam Lake and breathe the cool, fresh air by the lake. This is also the time when you put on a light coat to keep your body warm because the temperature here is about 17 ° C, our car will stop next to the beautiful Tuyen Lam Lake to take pictures for the sunset. and then we visit Truc Lam Zen Monastery, one of the biggest beautiful Zen temples in Vietnam. Then we go to the hanging cable car to head to the city center.


Day 4: Dalat countryside tour combined with a city tour.

Next morning our tour guide and driver come to pick you up at your hotel at 8h30 am

Weasel coffee

We will start to discover the countryside of  Dalat with the itinerary of  4 DAYS TOUR PACKAGE FROM  HO CHI MINH TO DALAT below: 

The first place we visit the Van Thanh Flower Village.

Our guide will help you recognize all the names of flowers and give you more information about the village. how many hectares is it, and why do they use the greenhouses? Where will the flowers go and who is the first person who brought those flowers to Dalat? and why Dalat is the best place for growing flowers in Vietnam. Keep going down the Tanung pass, see the plant changing from the top to the end of the path. one side is rainforest, one side is Pine forest. Why? It connects to history and social work after the Vietnamese War, our guide will make it clear for you.

Visit a K'ho Minority village.

Our guide will help you answer some questions. Why do they stay here, Where they were originally from? and which language system they belong to. The relationship between them and our government. see the culture and contact directly to them.
Stop at a nice view of mountains and coffee trees. take beautiful pictures and our guide will explain to you the difference between Arabica (Blue Mountain coffee) and Robusta coffee. how to grow it the coffee amount we have per year where we export to and Who is the first person to bring coffee here. the affection of coffee trees with the environment and people living here.
Stop at a coffee shop to see the weasel, an animal that locals use to produce coffee. our guide will explain how it works and you can feed them some coffee if you are lucky. Visit the shop upstairs you can do the shopping and can try a cup of coffee if you like. and look at the beautiful view of a lake and coffee garden, and enjoy the fresh air.

Elephant waterfall

Visit the most powerful waterfall.

Our guide will tell you about the story of local people who made people call Elephant Waterfall. We always accompany you to go down and discover the bottom. help you take beautiful pictures.
Our car will stop at a Cricket farm for you to see and enjoy the most delicious dish in Dalat, you will know how to grow Cricket, what they eat, and how long it takes for one cricket to grow up. Try some hot water and herbal tea, those are specialties. Very good for your life.

Silk factory

Then we take you to the silk factory to see the worms, cocoons, and the moths, the circle of life. and know they put Worms on a Bamboo frame. What is different from the double cocoon to the single cocoon? The usage of machines. recognize real and fake silk. recognize the silk from the double cocoon and single cocoon. Try a special food made from those worms. =) Here you also can buy silk products if you want.
See the pagoda on the hill. our guide will tell you some general information about Buddhism in Vietnam, take you pictures with the happy Buddha, and answer the question of why they call them happy Buddha...

Crazy House is our last stop of the "4 DAYS TOUR PACKAGE FROM  HO CHI MINH TO DALAT".

Crazy house  Dalat


Day 5: Dalat airport drop-off.




Exclusions: All costs listed above, tips (not compulsory).

We also have a 16 seater van and a 29 seater bus, if you request it we are ready to help.


All costs listed above, tips (not compulsory)