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Are you looking for a perfect tour to Cu Chi tunnels?

You don't want to pay too high cost to hire both  tour guide and driver?

You need a professional driver but speak good English and have good local knowledge?

You want to understand Vietnam's history and don't want to spend your time at touristy places?

WE are here to help and provide most of the things that you need.


"We have an extremely youthful and energetic team; we have enthusiasm and experience of many years working in the field of tourism, we know the area of ​​Ho Chi Minh City as well as the history and local culture really well.

We always put ourselves in the position of tourists to serve and always strive to provide the most excellent service to make our customers most satisfied.

We don't think we are selling a tour but we let us as a travel ambassador we want to promote the image and beauty of Vietnam to our friends all over the world. We always want to convey all the truest, most beautiful things to tourists all over the world. Please be assured that unlike some other tourist destinations we will not take tourists to places where there are too many tourists we are providing experiential travel, as many locals as possible and especially never cheating tourists"

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Let's explore with today's tour, we have something What's special to bring to you

What is Cu Chi tunnels?

You know,  during the Vietnam War, from the French colonial period to the American invasion of Vietnam, the Vietnamese used a very effective way to fight and hide when the enemy attacked, that is using Tunnels. From the South to the North there are many tunnels, some of which are used for living and used to avoid bombs every time the enemy attacks but many tunnels have been upgraded and used for the purpose of war. Cu Chi tunnel is one of the very famous places used in the war and it is one of the very important lands used by the Vietnamese Communist Army to fight against France and the American empire.

Today, although the war is no longer available, the tunnels are still maintained and open to tourists from all over the world to visit as a historical relic and a very hot outdoor museum. Come to your tunnels, you will not stop being surprised

You will always wonder why humans can do such wonderful things that people can live underground for so long, you will wonder could a small nation be able to fight back to a very powerful military force at that time. In today's tour, we will explore all of that together and we will make sure you will be extremely excited to join our tour program.


The itinerary of  CU CHI TUNNELS 1 DAY TOUR from HO CHI MINH CITY: 

* 8:30 The tour guide  will pick you up at your hotel in Ho Chi Minh City center and heading for to the Cu Chi Tunnels

* On the way to Cu Chi tunnels we ride pass by countryside areas outside Ho Chi Minh city, which is famous for beautiful paddy fields, rubber plantations, and vegetable farms.

rice field
Rice field


* Our tour guide will introduce you to the lives of locals and show you the locals live and work in the countryside areas.

* After some photoshoots of beautiful landscape, we move ahead to rice noodle village to learn how Vietnamese produce rice noodles which is famous around the world.


Making noodle


* Arrive Cu Chi tunnels where firstly you are seeing the Document movies about Cu Chi War times, Special during the time from 1960 to 1972, the simple hoes to dig, the labor of the local people, then we will visit the main Gate to go to the tunnels, the different kind of trap from the tree to the ground. Trap was built around the main gate, the place to produce the weapon, the Rest area, meeting room, the hospital, the hole to get the fresh air for tunnels.

* On the way to Cu Chi tunnels we will stop at a rubber plantation to learn how local grow and make rubber tree

Locals collect latex

* In Cu Chi, you will have the opportunity to buy the bullet and try to fire off an AK47 or MK16 or machine guns at the nearby shooting range.

* Leave Cu Chi tunnels we get back to the parking lot and have lunch

a tourist rode his own scooter

* After lunch, we keep riding through beautiful village road and get back to Ho Chi Minh City.

* Arrive at your hotel around 5 pm.


The Tour included: 

=> English speaking fluently "guide-driver"

=> Private car SUV

=> Sugar cane juice

=> Food and drinks

=> Entrance fee

=> Lunch

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"We will have the best local experience together, we go through Ho Chi Minh city in the morning to see how the local hustle go to work.
In the countryside, we will visit the rice field and rubber farm to learn about local agriculture.
Visit Cu Chi to learn more about the history of the Vietnam war.
The best thing is no touristy in the tour, no tourist trap, no shopping, real local experience"


PRIVATE CAR tour to Cu Chi tunnels - Tour in HO CHI MINH CITY

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