Bến Tre is wedged between the two main branches of the Tiền Giang River, which is itself one of the two main branches of the Mekong. The Tiền Giang's main course forms the province's northern boundary.

For us, Ben Tre is one of the most beautiful places in Mekong delta. The place is famous for beautiful coconut farms, it provides almost coconut products for Vietnam even export abroad.

You will not know how amazing it is until you it on a local boat and run through hundreds of coconut farms and observe the locals work on river and farm.

Don’t forget to charge your camera battery fully.

Hello friends,

Today we would like to give you a very special tour, this is one of the most special tours of our company.

This is a one-day tour from Ho Chi Minh City to Ben Tre to visit the village in Ben Tre and experience the unique characteristics of Southern Vietnam in the Mekong Delta. In this tour, you will not stop being surprised by the unique beauty of Ben Tre city, a land known as the land of coconut in Vietnam.

Coconut farm in Ben Tre

The Mekong River Delta is a very famous area in Vietnam, it is famous for the unique beauty of the rivers winding around the villages, this is the last land that the Mekong River flows before. When it merges into the sea, that's why it brings a lot of silt to this land, so the soil is very GOOD and the plants are always FRESH GOOD, the people have a simple peaceful life. A true, and very hospitable. The life of the people here is mainly agriculture, year-round with gardens and fishing.
Ben Tre is a great location, it is not far from Ho Chi Minh City and it also has all the unique features of the delta region. So this is an ideal choice for travelers to experience a day tour from Ho Chi Minh City to Ben Tre and back in the day. 

Mekong river in Vietnam

What is special about our "day tour from Ho Chi Minh"​ today?

==> In the morning,  we will pick you up at 08h30 by a seven-seater vehicle. The program will include a driver and an English speaking guide.
==> Let's depart for Ho Chi Minh City to get to Ben Tre province. The road from Ho Chi Minh City to Ben Tre is about 120 kilometers long.
In the morning because the traffic is a bit crowded, we move a bit slowly and after leaving the city we will enter Trung Luong Highway to quickly head to Ben Tre province, we will go about two hours and then we will arrive at Ben Tre boat landing.
On the way, we will have the opportunity to admire the people of Ho Chi Minh City activities in the early morning as well as get a general view of the land of Cuu Long River Delta on the highway.

==>   After arriving at Ben Tre, there will be local people using a local boat to welcome you to the first attraction that is the brick factory, where we will see how the locals build making bricks to build houses in a very traditional and manual way. After walking around the village with bricks created by talented hands, we continue on the boat to go along the Mekong River and admire the people in the delta. , trading and farming along the river bank. The scenery here is extremely beautiful, the two sides are we will see rows of coconut trees along the river as well as mangrove trees. Your tour guide will help you better understand the life of the people here with his presentations.

 ==>  At the next point, we will stop by a village by the river and then find out how the local people here make the most handmade mats, we sit down to practice making mats with local people, and enjoy the fruits invited by the locals (included in the program)

 ==>  After visiting the sedge mat village, there will be local people coming to pick you up with a very special and bold Southern Tuk Tuk, which is extremely interesting when sitting on a rickshaw and being transported around the village for sightseeing, the driver will drive you to a LOCAL house, to take a break and have lunch, we will enjoy the local food together.

Rowing in Ben Tre

  ==>  After lunch we will continue to walk around the village and arrive at the marina, where there will be locals waiting for you and you will step onto small wooden boats then you will row the boat. join the locals along the small canals and enjoy the view of the village here. The locals and your guide will tell you more about this land, it is interesting, isn't it?

our boat for  Beb Tre
Rowing in Ben Tre

==> After sailing along the canals we will come to the big boat waiting at the mouth of the river, and the boatman will take us all back to the marina where our driver is waiting and  We get on the car back to Ho Chi Minh City, we will arrive in Ho Chi Minh City at 5:30 pm.  

We will drop you at the hotel, the day tour from Ho Chi Minh ended.

Including English-speaking tour guide, car driver, boat driver, lunch, fruit, tuk-tuk, big boat, small boat, all entrance tickets, road tolls, fuel.

Excluding: Tips,  cost not listed above.



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