The Mekong river is one the longest rivers in the world.

It starts from the Tibetan Plateau and runs through 6 countries ( China, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam )

The Mekong Delta in Vietnam is the last destination the river runs through before approaching into occean.

Becasue of it’s unique position, the delta inherited many good things from the Mekong river; such as fertile soil, water, fish, and a variety of biology ...

The Mekong delta in Vietnam not only attracts many locals around the country to settle but also is a favorite place for visitors from everywhere who come to discover and enjoy  the beautiful landscape.

If your next journey is Cambodia and you are bored of taking the buses, we have another solution which is much better and more enjoyable.

                        LET’S TRY 3 DAYS TRIP FROM HO CHI MINH TO CHAU DOC

* From Chau Doc, tourists can take a boat to go straight to Phnom Pend.

The itinarary:


Day 1: Sai gon - Ben Tre - Can Tho

Coconut farm
Coconut farm

Bến Tre is wedged between the two main branches of the Tiền Giang River, which is itself one of the two main branches of the Mekong. The province's northern boundary is formed by the Tiền Giang's main course.

For us, Ben tre is one of the most beautiful places in Mekong delta. The place is famous for beautiful coconut farms, it provides almost coconut products for Vietnam  even export abroad.

You will not know how amazing it is until you it on a local boat and run thruogh  hundreds  coconut farms and observe the locals work on river and farm.

Don’t forget to charge your camera battery fullly.

8h30 am

We leave Sai Gon for Ben Tre

8:30 The driver  will pick you up at your hotel in Ho Chi Minh City center and head for Mekong 

10h30 Arrive Ben Tre

Mr boat driver pick you up at Ben Tre, our Car driver and boat driver will lead you to local factory to explore how local can make brick.

A river in Mekong delta

On the boat tourist will a chance to see how locals fishing on Mekong river.

After brick factory, we will move to a small hamlet to learn how to make sleeping mat.

One more interesting activities is waiting right after sleeping mat village is riding Tuk  

Local Tuk Tuk

1h00 pm have luch at a local family, with local fruits.

1h30 pm take a walk around coconut farm and get some beautiful pictures with fruit farm 

2h00 pm rawing small boat along canals 

3h00 pm leave Ben Tre for Can tho

5h00 pm arrive Can Thoto stay at a local homestay

Day 2 Can Tho - Chau Doc

Floating Market

6h00 am early wake up and take a boat to visit Cai Rang floating market.

We will spend 1h30 hour on Cai Rang floating market to see eal market with local activities and have breakfast on boat.

After floating market we will visit a small village to learn how local make “ Hu Tiu” one of local speciaty, it is a type of noodle but not like Pho or Bun Bo Hue.

Come back to the homestay and we ride bycicle around the village to discover like life.

11h00 leave  Can Tho for Chau Doc ( Visit Tra Su Melaleuca forest )

Tra Su Forest

Trà Sư Melaleuca forest  located on the area of 845 hectare and the buffer area of 643 hectare. It's just away from the border of Vietnam - Cambodia 10 km. Trà Sư Melaleuca forest on the travel route of Cấm mount, Sam mount... In Trà sư mangroves there're 140 kinds of plant, most of plants in Trà Sư  mangroves forest are melaleuca. Trà Sư mangroves forest  is also home of 11 kinds of animals, 22 kind of reptiles, 70 kind of birds, many of them are in the "red book".

In Tra Su forest, we will take first fast spead boat to run through a river then we go deeply into the forest, in there you can see many kind of animals and plants such as lotus, MANGROVE, storks...

So much more stunning landscape...

After Tra Su forest, we pay a visit to Bà Chúa Xứ temple

is a prosperity goddess of southern Vietnam’s Thanism. She is a tutelary of business, health, and a protector of the Vietnamese border. She is considered prestigious and is worshipped in her temple in Vinh Te village at the foot of Sam Mountain, An Giang province.

5h30 Arrive hotel in Chau Doc

Tour finish.


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