Can I Use Tuk Tuk in Vietnam?

Can I use Tuk Tuk in Vietnam?

So first, we need to know what is tuk tuk?

Tuk tuk is a general term for a type of vehicle which is used in Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, Cambodia Vietnam. Each countries, people have different names for it. The term Tuk Tuk is used in Thailand, in Vietnam people call it “ xe loi”"xe lam"or “ xe ba gac”. In 20th century, it was used quite popular in the area, however now a day people use it for travel service mostly, we still see locals use it for their daily lives however not as much as popular as in the past.

Vietnam's government recently limited amount of Tuk Tuk in some big city because of traffic issues. Somehow, in memory of Vietnamese people, Tuk Tuk or Xe lam is always a beautiful means of transportation. It always reminds  them a vintage era, if you are the type of people love nostalgic stype don’t forget to give Tuk Tuk  or Xe Loi a try once you travel to Southeast Asia.

Where can you try Xe Lam in Vietnam?

As I mentioned above, we would not see Xe Lam regularly in big city in Vietnam, I recommend you to go to Mekong delta provinces, the locals there still drive  it and use it for their daily activities.

Is it comfy when you sit on a Xe Lam?

My answer is definitely not, however the feeling funny like you are turning back time is totally worth to give it a try.

There are few local groups in Mekong delta offer that service however I recommend you contact your homestay in Mekong to organize it for you or through a credit travel agent is also a good choice.

We can control standard of the service and also avoid overcharged.

I suggest you visit Ben Tre province and use the service in this area, Ben Tre is one of the most beautiful land in Mekong delta according to my experience, it is supper green there and you can see tones of fruit garden such as coconut farm, mangostin, small hamlets located next to small branches of Mekong river. Don’t forget to ask driver to bring you to vegetable farm and canals to observe how local cultivating and fishing.  

For me, Tuk Tuk or Xe Lam is always on my list of activities whenever I travel to Mekong delta.


If you still have any questions or something you wanna know about Mekong delta generally, Tuk Tuk service in Vietnam, you can definitely can reach out me and will have answer for you.

Thank you so much!

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