Discovering Pongour Waterfall: A Cultural Gem in Dalat, Vietnam

Pongour Waterfall is situated in the Duc Trong district, approximately 20 km away from the district and 50 km from the center of Da Lat city. To reach this natural wonder, travel on Highway 20 from Dalat to Sai Gon, passing through Trung village on the Chai mountain. Take a right turn and proceed along a scenic 8 km road, leading you to the enchanting Pongour Waterfall, also known locally as Bay Waterfall or Thien Thai Waterfall.

Pongour, a name deeply rooted in history, has two compelling theories regarding its origin.

  • The narrative unfolds in the past, where the land of Phu Hoi - Tan Hoi - Tan Ha, now owned by Ka Nai, witnessed her remarkable prowess in taming wild animals, particularly rhinoceroses. She led her tribe with four extraordinary rhinoceroses, using them to explore the hillsides and defend against adversaries. This historical saga marked the victory of Ka Nai against the Prennese invaders, saving her people from slavery and oppression. Pongour Waterfall is considered a testament to the four rhinoceroses plunging into the Highland forest, marking the beginning of a cultural era for the people in the region.

    Pongour Waterfall, beyond its natural beauty, holds immense cultural significance. The indigenous people, along with various ethnic minorities, celebrate an annual festival on the 15th lunar month of the lunar calendar year. This festival draws people from towns like Lien Nghia, Cao Bac Lang, Luc Nam, as well as regions such as Phu My, Lac Son, Ngoc Son, Dinh Van, to partake in the vibrant festivities.

    Despite the cultural and historical significance, some visitors may shy away from Pongour Waterfall due to superstitions. However, experiencing Dalat without a visit to Pongour is like missing out on a vital aspect of the region's wild dream, particularly the South Highlands.

    In recent years, the Pongour Festival has seen a surge in visitors, each returning with joyous memories. The festival not only showcases the natural beauty of Pongour Waterfall but also serves as a bridge connecting people from different walks of life in a celebration of cultural diversity and unity. A trip to Pongour Waterfall is more than just a sightseeing adventure; it's a cultural immersion into the heart of Vietnam's rich heritage.

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