In this article, I will summarize the interesting places in the west that in my opinion it attracts the most international tourists.

Based on our many years of travel experience, specializing in serving international travelers

Based on the preferences of our visitors and limited vacation time, we are sure to select the best places and definitely not skip when traveling to Mekong.

Mekong has 12 provinces and one city directly under the central government and we have to mention the first place is Can Tho.

1. Can Tho

With a population of 1.3 million people, Can Tho is one of the fifth largest cities in Vietnam and is managed by the central government, not by the provincial government like other small cities.

Can Tho is located 169 km from Ho Chi Minh and about 3 hours by bus.

There are many ways to go to Can Tho such as by bus (you can take Phuong Trang bus) at Nguyen Cu Trinh street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. , the fare is about 10 usd. If you want to have a private space, you can rent a private car (7 seats and 16 seats) you can contact us here. There is also a direct flight from Ho Chi Minh to Can Tho, you can book tickets at domestic airlines such as Vietjet air, Vietnam airline, Bamboo airway ...

Many young tourists often choose to go by motorbike, sometimes a bit more tiring but really this is an extremely interesting experience, and if you want to ride a motorbike, note that you should prepare a good bike, a motorbike with a big fuel tank to store more gas because the road is a bit far and you certainly don't want the bike to run out of gas in the middle of the road, right? If you don't know how to ride a motorbike or you simply want someone to drive you so you have time to enjoy the beautiful scenery on the road and have someone to talk to along the way, check out our motorbike tour here.

There is another way to Can Tho that is very interesting and that is by boat, this way is a bit more expensive but you will enjoy a great atmosphere on the boats and go along the Mekong River to get there, Can Tho.

What to do in Can Tho?

Where to eat and where to sleep?

If you choose to book a tour, our tour company has designed everything, but we also want to give you more information for your reference.

Coming to Can Tho, visitors cannot miss Cai Rang floating market, it is the largest floating market in the Mekong region in Vietnam.

To fully enjoy the atmosphere of the floating market and get good pictures, you should leave the hotel around 5 am and take the boat to the floating market at 5:30 am because at this time the market is most active and watch the sunrise on river. You may not need to eat at the hotel because at the market you can have breakfast on the river. Next to the floating market there are small villages you can visit to see people making noodles and also rent a bicycle to cycle around the small villages here.

Around 9am, the market ends and you can participate in other activities.

There are many big hotels in Can Tho but I recommend you to choose homestay and order local meals here, if you want more fun ask them if they provide fishing service, it would be great if We catch fish together and for dinner we also make dishes from the fish we catch.

This place has famous local dishes such as COOKED DUCK,  Snails, Grilled Field Rats, Grilled Snakes… it sounds strange, but it's actually the animals available in the rivers and fields of the land.



Located 70 km west of Saigon, Tien Giang is an attractive and easily accessible destination. Tourists can go to Tien Giang on their own and return to Saigon during the day.

There are two ways to travel to Tien Giang: by road (car, motorbike, bus ..) and by river, but the first option is chosen by more people because of the river from Saigon to Tien. Giang is not very pretty.

Personally, I would choose to go by motorbike and recommend everyone to go by motorbike tour because we can run through the countryside and see many people's activities as well as enjoy many beautiful scenes, simply the view from Saigon. Going to Tien Giang is very good if you know how to choose a reasonable route.

For example, we can run through rice fields, dragon fruit fields, or experience river crossing on local ferries.

The Mekong River flows into Vietnam south and splits into two main tributaries and one of it flows through Tien Giang province, so the people here enjoy a lot of advantages from the river, such as alluvium or other living things, other organisms. The scenery here is also quite beautiful, with green fruit gardens, typical trees such as longan or mango, coconut, dragon fruit ... etc..

It is because of the advantages that nature brings. So this place became quite developed in the 17th century and was one of the two most developed places in the Mekong Delta at that time.

Coming to My Tho (Tien Giang), visitors will discover both cultural and historical values ​​here.

Coming to My Tho, everyone should rent a boat to go to small villages for local sightseeing. We will go through the gardens to try the fruits here and then visit a local house to see how they make coconut candy, not only that, but we will also enjoy the pure honey that the people here create. because there are quite a few fruit gardens, especially longan, and longan flowers are a great place for bees to nest and suck honey.


Don't miss "Don Ca Tai Tu" as it is one of the intangible cultural heritages recognized by Unesco in Vietnam, ask your tour company to arrange a show for you to attend. The homestays in My Tho are great guys, it's located next to the river and among the fruit gardens, which are very cool with the river breeze, stay there for one night if you have time.



Try to eat Hu Tieu My Tho, because this dish is famous all over Vietnam.

If you like to visit religion, you can visit Vinh Trang Pagoda, you will not regret it.


3. Ben Tre

This is my favorite place, it can be said that it is my most favorite place.

Located next to My Tho and 90 km from Ho Chi Minh

Just like My Tho, we should go by road to Ben Tre and there is no flight there.

When going there, we should visit the locality both by water and by road because each has its own beauty.

This place is very famous for coconut gardens and products from coconut trees. You will be surprised because just one coconut tree can make many products, from food to decorative objects.



What I like the most is the cool climate here, everything is very green. You should rent a nice bike and go around the villages, and rent a small boat and paddle through the canals here yourself, it is better to hire a local to go with you to avoid getting lost because of the system. The river system here is quite interlaced.

Sometimes the tides go up and down so we won't know the water better than the locals.

Where there is a special dish,  Ca Tai Tượng, or ask your guide and put it on the menu

.  My favorite thing about this place is the beautiful scenery and the climate.

Sometimes just coming to sleep and listening to insects is enough to make me excited.

Everyone remember to bring mosquito spray, not much, but it is still better to be careful.



4. Chau Doc

 Located next to the border of Vietnam and Cambodia.

This place is one of the rare places in the Mekong Delta with mountains.

It can be said that the only place with mountains, the landscape is quite different from the rest of the land.

Culture and religion are also different, when you arrive, you can really feel from the scent in the air to the layout of the house and the architecture is also different.

Located 250 km from Ho Chi Minh City.

Surely we cannot organize a day tour to Chau Doc, we can spend about 8 hours to catch the bus there, or we can combine to go to Can Tho first and then from Can Tho. Move through Chau Doc during the day and have time to visit famous places here.

The most famous and worth seeing place here is Tra Su Melaleuca Forest, which is a flooded forest and an eco-tourism area in the special-use forest system of Vietnam.

Chau Doc city to Tra Su forest 

Located about 30km southwest of Chau Doc city and 64km of Long Xuyen city. The landscape here is quite beautiful with a system of melaleuca trees growing very evenly and birds residing. Going there, everyone should choose the boat service to go deep into the forest and watch the birds here, September and October is the best time to come here. In particular, the most beautiful time in the Melaleuca forest is at 7am to 9am and 5pm to 7pm. At this time, visitors can stand on the Observation Deck and watch the life of the birds through binoculars. Under the water, there are countless species of fish and shrimp swimming, above are all kinds of birds flying with pure white Melaleuca flowers creating an extremely beautiful picture of nature.

Interesting cuisine

The food inside Tra Su Melaleuca forest is a wonderful blend of jungle and western garden dishes. Coming inside, you will enjoy dishes such as grilled snakehead fish, grilled chicken with honey, crab hotpot, goby hotpot, grilled goby with salt and pepper, grilled black tiger shrimp, crazy hot pot of Linh cotton fish.

After visiting the tea master, we should visit Chau Doc floating market, a market specializing in selling seafood from the river here. We can go to floating fish farms on the river to see people raising typical fish such as pangasius or pangasius. Then visit Cham village to learn the culture of the indigenous people here.

In the afternoon, you should visit Hang Pagoda, where you can watch the beautiful sunset and also look over Cambodia. It feels very strange when you stand between the border of two countries and see two countries at the same time :D


Address: Sam Mountain slope, Nui Sam ward, Chau Doc city.


Map is here


Located in the complex of relics of Ba Chua Xu Temple, Tay An Pagoda, Thoai Ngoc Hau Tomb, Phuoc Dien Tu is also known as Hang Pagoda by Buddhists.

Built by Mrs. Le Thi Tho (Mrs. Tho) from 1840 to 1850, this pagoda was originally a monk. Having existed for nearly 200 years, Phuoc Dien Tu today boasts one of the oldest pagodas in An Giang.


This is a small border town, everything is very peaceful and the people are very friendly.

Try Bong Dien Dien soup, a vegetable that grows on the local river and is made into a very famous dish in this land.

Don't miss it!


The above are the lands that I think foreign tourists like when traveling to the Mekong region in Vietnam. Based on my own experience and observing the emotions of guests, I have filtered out the 4 best places to visit in Mien Tay Vietnam, of course, there will be other attractive lands such as Long An, Tra Vinh, Vinh Long, Kien Giang, go to those places if you have a lot of time.









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