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First of all, we have to mention hot pot dishes, "hot pot" is not a particular dish but it is an eating style, people often put a small stove in the middle of the table, then put a pot on the stove and cook while talking around the table, people put water in that pot then wait for the water to boil then the eater will put the food and spices in that pot and wait a few minutes for the temperature to cook the food and the eater will use small bowls to take the food and water in the pot comes out and eats, sometimes they put the noodle in a bowl and mix it with the soup just taken out of the pot to have a very delicious mixture. When eating hot pot, people usually eat it hot (like how we eat instant noodles) every time after eating all the food in the bowl, people continue to take the food and the broth in the hot pot to continue eating. Just like that, the party goes on, everyone eats and talks around a pot, enjoying the same food and scent, the fun became warmer and more intimate.

The Mekong region of Vietnam has a very good climate for a lot of vegetables and living creatures and is also a very rich source of ingredients for the cuisine here, especially hotpot, people have prepared many other hot pot dishes. and over the years it has become a great specialty here.

It can be said as:

 Lẩu Mắm:

Hotpot is a combination dish with all ingredients: fish, shrimp, crab, squid, beef, pork and vegetables such as morning glory, spinach, water lily stalks, raw bean sprouts, vegetables. pineapple, sour star fruit, acrid banana, cucumber, bitter vegetables, red pepper, pineapple. This is the product of the cultural and culinary interference between the indigenous Khmer, the Central people who moved to the South to reclaim the land. The characteristic of the fish hotpot is the fish sauce, usually, choke fish sauce, there are also places using snakehead fish sauce, Linh fish sauce, and trout fish sauce. In addition, there are some other seasonings, to mask the smell of fish sauce. 

Linh Fish Hotpot with Common sesban ( Lẩu Cá Linh Bông Điên Điển):

Wildflower Fish Hot Pot  is a dish with a sweet, simple taste, but with a faint scent of the wind in the river region. It can be said that anyone who comes to the West without enjoying this delicious dish is indeed a pity. From about the end of the 7th lunar month onwards because this is the time when Mother Nature generously bestows on people a variety of delicious and nutritious products, but  Lẩu Cá Linh Bông Điên Điển is typical specialties, popular with locals. as well as special tourists look forward to. Because those are the two main ingredients of a Western delicacy that only appear at one time of the year. The flood season in the West usually lasts a few months, from mid-July to the end of November of the lunar calendar with countless fish and shrimp resources, the source of spiritual fish poured from Cambodia to the West is still quite a lot. People in the river regions often liken that the floating season is also the season of the spirit fish. Right from the name of the fish hotpot, we already know that this dish consists of the main ingredients of  Lẩu Cá Linh Bông Điên Điển, which is considered a typical flower of the river region. This flower has a very special taste, it is both crispy, fragrant and fragrant, fatty but full of gentle fragrance, covering the bright yellow shirt of ripe rice, besides the two main ingredients, it makes a pot. The delicious Western hot pot also has other ingredients that create accents for the flavor of the dish such as coriander, minced garlic, fish sauce, coconut water, cooking oil and spices such as sugar, monosodium glutamate, horn chili, etc. pepper.

Goby fish hotpot:

is a species of white goby with fragrant, soft meat and many nutritional values. In Vietnam, goby live mainly in the Mekong Delta provinces, especially in brackish water ponds and lakes. Goby fish is processed into many delicious Southern dishes such as: Braised goby, Grilled goby ...

Making the Goby fish hotpot is not too difficult, first, you need to prepare all the necessary ingredients: Goby, bitter vegetables, tomatoes. , garlic, onion, sage leaves, seasoning, vermicelli, cilantro

After preparing, bring the pot of boiling water to boil for the vegetables and spices to suit the user's taste. Fish you can cut into pieces or put the whole fish on a plate. The broth is seasoned with spices so that it has the sour taste of Giang leaves, the sweetness of onions, the aroma of garlic and chili. The beauty of hot pot dishes is that when we put the right vegetables and meat in, it will create a very unique and special taste, even delicious.

Mekong Eel hot pot:

Mekong is a land of rivers with a lot of silt and mud as well as rice fields, so this place is also home to many species of eels and it is not known when they moved from the fields to the food of the Mekong people and become a specialty dish.

To cook and enjoy eel hot pot, we need to have the following ingredients: eel, minced onion, peeled and minced garlic, crushed lemongrass, minced, green tamarind, fresh vermicelli, beans corn, tomatoes, bean sprouts, water spinach, bananas, herbs...

Like other hot pot dishes, we put all the spices and ingredients into the pot when the water boils but also in the same order. Usually, we put the meat in first until cooked and then put the vegetables in. Everything blends together to create a delightful dish.

Vịt Nấu Chao

Duck is a rustic dish in the southwestern provinces that is loved by many people because of its new and unique taste. Those who eat it for the first time may be a bit strange, but if anyone has eaten it for the second or third time, it will definitely "addict" this dish. 

Materials include Meat duck, taro, red bean curd, tofu white, noodles, coconut milk, lemon, rice wine, dried onion, dried garlic, fresh ginger, green onions, lettuce, basil, coriander ...

How processing, you can see reference in this video: 


Crab porridge 

Porridge is known to be a healthy dish, clearing heat with the effect of lowering blood sugar. This is a popular dish in the western provinces, especially the coconut land of Ben Tre. If you have the opportunity to come here, please stop to taste this rustic dish.of 

Crab porridge is known to be a healthy dish, clearing heat and lowering blood sugar. This is a popular dish in the western provinces, especially the coconut land of Ben Tre. If you have the opportunity to come here, please stop to taste this rustic dish.

Snakehead fish porridge

Since ancient times, snakehead fish has been a familiar food and is chosen by many women for the tray of rice. Because of the valuable nutrients, beneficial to the health of this freshwater fish. According to Oriental medicine, snakehead fish is sweet, neutral, non-toxic, helps to nourish blood, tendons, and bones, and eliminates phlegm. Therefore, it is very suitable for postpartum women or sick people who need to recover.

The main raw materials for food processing is mullet, endive, mushrooms, ginger, rice, garlic, onion, green onions, carrots, peppers ...

Recipes are somewhat complicated little ceremony I I will bring it to you in another article, in this article I just want to introduce famous dishes.

Dishes made from rats: stir-fried mice with chili pepper, rat meat pressed with lemon leaves.

Elephant ear fried fish 

Hu Tieu My Tho

Braised meat

Snake dishes: grilled snake or snake salad.

Mekong Bánh Xèo



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