Hello friends.

Perhaps you are learning about Vietnam and you are intending to travel to Vietnam, you are wondering whether to book a tour to Vietnam or not or do you travel by yourself. Travel to Vietnam and discover Vietnam in your own way.

What kind of vehicles are you thinking of in Vietnam, if you book tours, what kind of vehicles will be used to transport tourists, and the quality of the vehicles? how is that? 

In today's article, I will give you some useful information about the types of transport in Vietnam and also the types of vehicles that travel agencies in Vietnam used to transport. tourists visit Vietnam. 

The first thing to mention is motorbikes, because Vietnam is the country with the largest number of motorbikes in the world, almost every Vietnamese family has one or two motorbikes and it is a very special vehicle. useful in every family in Vietnam. Although they are motorbikes, they are all small-displacement bikes from 110 CC to 175 cc, and most of the motorcycles being used in Vietnam are manufactured in Japan and imported to Vietnam.

If you have an international motorbike license and know the laws in Vietnam, you can come to Vietnam and rent a motorbike for about 10 to 15 dollars a day and you can travel around Vietnam. However, I do not recommend you to ride motorbikes in Vietnam because the traffic in Vietnam is quite messy and most people don't obey the laws well and there are a lot of accidents. 

 ok if you want to travel independently in Vietnam and have a limited budget, it's also very easy.

 After taking a plane to major cities in Vietnam, you can take a taxi to get to the hotel, then you can walk around some places, visit places in the city, If you want to go to further places, you can catch the bus, which is also quite cheap.

 For example, you want to move from Ho Chi Minh City to Da Lat city, you can catch Phuong Trang bus, the fare is only about 10 dollars to 15 dollars, this vehicle can accommodate up to 34 people, most of the cars These buses are all imported from foreign countries, especially Korea and Japan, and the quality is quite good. However, due to the small size of Asians, the beds designed in the car are also quite small and look cramped, if you are a person from European countries, your physique is large. If you are large, you are over 1.8m tall and weigh 90kg or more, the beds in these buses are quite narrow for you and you will feel very uncomfortable. If you book a tour, the travel agency will probably use a bus with a capacity of 30 to 50 and is a seating bus, not a sleeping one. However, the buses are quite comfortable with good air conditioning and soundproofing. The car has sunshades and a sound system for entertainment.

If you want to book a private car tour, then in Vietnam travel agencies will often use vehicles from Japan such as Fortuner cars, Innova cars, these are vehicles used to carry tourists. Calendar is very popular in Vietnam. If you book a 16-seater car, travel agencies in Vietnam will choose to use Ford cars of good quality. 

This is the information that I have learned through the process of working as a guide in Vietnam for a long time, hopefully, this short article will bring useful information to you. I wish you a good time. Happy trip to Vietnam and have many great experiences, thanks.



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